Help Your Cat Adjust to Their New Home

Help Your Cat Adjust to Their New Home

Nothing is quite as exciting as bringing home a new furry family member. However, your new feline companion may be hesitant to explore once you bring them into their forever home. Helping them adjust to their new environment is an important step in helping them integrate with your family. Here are a few tips to help you speed up the process.

Give Your Cat a Bed

When you bring your cat home, everything will be new to them, and they may feel unsure about what objects are theirs and which ones belong to the family. While you may be willing to let them sleep on the bed with you, a new cat often feels more comfortable when they have a place of their own to curl up in. Give them the best pet bed a cat could ask for. The Parasol Pets Bed™ is a perfect choice for your new cat, whether they’re full-grown tomcat, or a young kitten. When they have a place to call their own that’s not shared with people or the family dog, they’ll start to be more comfortable with their surroundings. Place the bed in a secluded area where they can retreat for some alone time when needed.

Set Up a Private Area

When you first bring your cat home, the sheer size of your house may be overwhelming to them. Set up a smaller space like a bathroom or a laundry room where they can chill out without intrusion from other pets or small children. Giving your cat a place where they can be by themselves to process the changes in their lives can help them adjust more quickly. If possible, try to make this space available to them until they fully adjust to their new home. Depending on the cat, it may take several weeks to fully adjust to their forever home.

Stock Up on Toys

Even when they’re not being social, cats love to play. Be sure to have plenty of toys on hand for them to interact with, even when you’re not in the room. Best of all, toys are the perfect way to build a bond between you and your new cat. While they may not be ready to lounge in your lap as you watch the news, they’ll probably be willing to chase a long piece of string or go after a feather with reckless abandon. Try to play with them a couple times a day. Even short play sessions will go a long way towards helping you establish a bond with your new cat.

Don’t Force Them Into Things

While it may be tempting to simply pick up your cat and demand affection from them, be patient. Forcing them to cuddle with you may make them feel threatened. This is one of the most common causes of perceived cat aggression. Just because you feel that your cat should be ready to be a full family member after a day or two adjusting to their new home, doesn’t mean that your cat agrees. Be patient! Use treats to encourage them to come to you and let them walk away when they’re done with the attention.

Provide Scratching Posts

Cats scratch for many reasons, but one of the most problematic is spreading their scent. When your new cat arrives and starts to adjust to their surroundings, they may look to scratch the furniture, claw at the carpet, and tear the drapes. While this isn’t done with destruction in mind, it can be damaging to your furniture. Rather than waiting for them to turn to your favorite throw rug, give them access to a scratcher. Your local pet store should have several options, from hanging scratchers to small corrugated cardboard pallets that you can leave in the corners of your living room.
When you welcome your new cat into your home, be prepared. Order the best pet bed from Parasol Pets® today and get it in time to welcome your new best friend!