Your Small Dog Deserves the Best Pet Bed

blog2Living in a small apartment has many challenges, but the one we hear about the most is the feeling that your dog doesn’t have a place of his own in the space. While you may think it’s fine to let your pup curl up on your chair or sleep alongside you in bed, your dog can always benefit from having a place of their own. The Parasol Pets Bed® is exactly what you need for your small pup to feel like they have their own refuge.

Pets Need a Place to Chill

After a long day, you probably come home, grab a snack, and sit on the couch to relax. It’s your spot — your safe-haven. Your pup needs a place where they can relax after a long walk or an exciting squirrel chase down the sidewalk. Your dog will seek out their bed the same way you plop down on the sofa. The gerbera daisy umbrella gives the feeling of a protected environment, perfect for hiding away from the stresses of the day.

You Like Pillows. Your Dog Likes a Den

If you’re like us, you feel a sense of security and peace when you’re wrapped up in a comfy blanket, leaning against a pile of soft pillows. You could probably spend all day like that. Your pup seeks the same feeling of safety and comfort, but for them, it’s a biological need. No matter how small they are, your pup will always look for a covered place where they feel sheltered. The Parasol Pets Bed is the perfect way to create a compact den-like feel in your living room without taking up too much floor space. Its raised sides act as a cradle, giving them the sense of protection they crave.

Small Pups Don’t Always Like Parties

While your dog may be social in small gatherings, they often feel overwhelmed if you have large or groups over. Giving them a place to call their own, a place that fulfills their need for a den, will often help them feel more secure than they would otherwise. The last thing you want to do is stress your pup out while you’re having fun.

Give them Peace of Mind

When you’re away from home for long periods of time, your dog may start to stress about not being with you. When they have a place of their own to curl up and await your return, they’ll feel safer and often more relaxed. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, it can help keep them from destroying your favorite shoes or burrowing into your couch cushions.

Keep Them Safer

When you’re not paying attention to where you’re stepping, it’s easy to accidentally step on their toes or tail when they’re lying down near you in the kitchen. If your pup insists on being your shadow, move Parasol Pets Bed into the kitchen so they can be with you without getting underfoot. They’ll stay safer and help you avoid any calamities in the kitchen.
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