14 Tips for First-Time Cat Owners, Part Two

If you’re planning to adopt a cat for the first time, there are many things you can do to ensure your kitty is comfortable and happy in its new home. In part one of this series, we discussed the first six tips for first-time cat owners. In part two, we’ll go over the final eight tips to ensure you’re fully prepared for a feline roommate.

Providing The Right Nutrition For Your Cat

As you may know, cats are obligate carnivores, so choosing high-quality cat food for your kitty is very important to their overall health. When you choose a dry cat food, opt for a brand that will provide your cat with plenty of animal protein and healthy fats. Many feline experts recommend avoiding potentially allergenic ingredients, such as grains, soy, corn, wheat and any mystery meat by-products. It’s also smart to provide your furry friend with wet cat food on occasion, to make sure they’re getting enough moisture from their food. If you want to give your cat a little treat for breakfast, put a small amount of wet food on top of their dry food in the morning.

dreamstime_xxl_2677499Buy A Luxury Cat Bed

If there’s one thing you need to know about cats, it’s that they love to sleep. When you bring your new cat home for the first time, don’t be surprised if you find them snoozing on your bed, the couch, or even the warm floor vents. Cats love to have a comfortable space to call their own, so investing in a luxury pet bed is a great way to spoil your new feline family member. If you’re looking for hypoallergenic cat bed that your kitty will adore, pick up our Parasol Pets Luxury Pet Bed. With an orthopedic foam and suede cloth cushion, your cat will love lounging in their own secure and peaceful place!

Get Your Cat Microchipped

One of the first things you should do with your new cat is have them microchipped. Microchips are small transponders that communicate your cat’s ID information through radio frequency waves. Each microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and your local veterinarian will usually implant the chip under your cat’s skin between their shoulder blades. Your personal registration number and information will be coded into the chip, so if your cat is ever lost, they can easily be identified with a scanner.

Pick Up A Scratching Post

Did you know that cats have a natural instinct to scratch things? They do this for a variety of reasons: to mark their territory, to stretch and to sharpen their growing claws. Cats need an outlet for their scratching urges, so purchasing a scratching post or two is a great way to ensure they don’t ruin your home’s furniture, drapery and carpets. Scratching posts are also a great way to encourage your cat to exercise!

Don’t Give Your Kitty A Buffet

Before you fill up kitty’s food bowl every time it’s empty, make sure you know how much food you’re actually feeding them. While you may worry that your cat needs food readily available at all times, you may be giving them too much which can cause them to become overweight. Talk to your local veterinarian about the best kind of food for your cat and how much they should be eating. Obesity is a very serious problem for pets, so by regulating their food intake, you can ensure they’re getting the proper amount of caloric intake and nutrition.

Groom Your Cat

Shortly after your bring your cat home for the first time, you’ll start to notice cat hair on your couch, carpet and clothing. Cats are social animals, and when they’re around their feline family and friends, it’s not uncommon for them to groom themselves and each other. As your cat’s primary caregiver, this responsibility will now fall on your shoulders, so investing in a reliable grooming brush is a smart idea. Set aside time every week to brush and groom your kitty. Not only will this help improve their fur coat, it’ll help create a stronger bond between you and your furry friend.

Cat-Proof Your Home

Cat-proofing your house will help ease you and your kitty’s anxiety upon bringing them home from the shelter. Cat-proofing can include removing small objects that your cat could choke on, as well as removing plants that could be toxic and hazardous to your cat. If you have a variety of plant species throughout your home, make sure to look over ASPCA’s list of plants that are toxic to cats, so you can remove any potentially dangerous species from your home.

Give Your Kitty Plenty Of Attention

While most cats will need plenty of time to adjust to their new and foreign environment, it’s important to set time aside each day to give your kitty plenty of attention. Providing your new cat with plenty of play toys will be both mentally and physically stimulating, especially if you plan on keeping your cat strictly indoors. There are a variety of great cat toys available on the market today to choose from, including stuffed mice, feathers and the notorious laser pointer. When you take time out of your day to play with your cat, they’ll warm up to you and their new environment more quickly.

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