Proven Ways To Reduce Stress In Cats

Does your kitty get anxious when you leave the house or when other animals are present? If your cat suffers from anxiety, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. While there are many fine feline qualities that can be found in the common housecat, their unpredictability when it comes to stress can be…well, stressful! When they are stressed, many anxious cats can quickly become destructive by scratching and urinating inappropriately. If this sounds like your cat, there are a few things you can do to help ease your kitty’s stress levels.

Make Your Home More Cat-Friendly

Cats are creatures of comfort and they love to have comfortable and snug places to curl up in. In order for your kitty to feel at home in your house or apartment, make sure you provide them with plenty of outlets to sleep, perch and play. At Parasol Pets®, our Luxury Pet Bed provides the perfect comfy and hypoallergenic haven for your feline friend to relax in. With a classic vignette design and suede cloth cushion, your kitty will love lounging in this one-of-a-kind pet bed.

A great way to provide your kitty with some exercise and stimulation throughout the day is by purchasing a tall scratching post. Make sure to place the scratching post in a strategic location that you know your cat will enjoy, such as near a large window. Scratching posts allow cats to stretch and strengthen their leg muscles while also providing them with a safe place to sharpen their claws. If your kitty isn’t in love with its scratching post yet, try rubbing some dried catnip on the base of the scratching post to get their attention.

Spoil Your Kitty With Toys

Despite popular belief, cats are very social animals that love to play on a daily basis. If you’ve been ignoring playtime with Fluffy, try building kitty playtime into your daily routine. You can easily schedule a time to play with your cat before you head out to work in the morning and when you get home in the afternoon. A simple fifteen minutes of playtime activity can help reduce boredom, anxiety, and stress in your cat, giving them much-needed exercise. If you don’t have many cat toys at home, stop by your local pet store to pick up fishing-rod toys, felt mice and rubber balls for your kitty to play with while you’re not home.

Stick To Routine

If you’re a seasoned cat owner, you probably already know that cats are creatures of habit and they are not very fond of change. One of the best ways to keep your kitty stress-free is by establishing a daily routine that they can get used to. If you currently feed your cat its meals at random times of the day, they probably don’t have a clear sense of their regular feeding schedule. Try to keep feeding times consistent so your cat is never left guessing when they’ll have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Give Kitty A Box

Upgrade your box with the square shape Parasol Pets, Umbrella Bed. You’ve probably seen countless videos online of cats being hilarious in boxes, so it should come as no surprise that giving your kitty a box can provide them with some form of stress-relief. Most anxious cats need a place to escape to feel safe and secure, and a simple box can provide them with the shelter and privacy they need to recoup. For a more comfortable confined space, consider purchasing an enclosed cat bed for your kitty. Our Luxury Pet Bed provides the perfect amount of privacy and comfort for your kitty to feel safe and secure during times of stress.

Play Quiet Music

While you may already know the benefits of playing soothing and relaxing music for babies, the calming effects can be just the same for cats! When you’re not at home or at work all day, playing soft, quiet music can actually be relaxing for your feline friend. Recent research on animals has shown that classical music and solo instrumental music is the most effective when it comes to reducing pets’ heart and respiratory rates. Next time you leave the house for a night on the town or a weekend getaway, turn on some Bach for your kitty to enjoy while you’re away.

Cat Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical substances animals produce and release into the wild for communication purposes. For cats, pheromones are released through urine and even through their paws while scratching. Your cat can also release pheromones by rubbing their cheek up against objects, other pets and you. Scientists have been able to recreate a chemical copy of these pheromones to help reduce stress levels in cats through over the counter spray-ons and plug-in diffusers.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Stressed

Cats experience anxiety just like humans due to psychological, physical and environmental stressors. While determining the root cause of your kitty’s anxiety can be challenging, there are a few things to consider to help narrow down the cause of your cat’s stress. Some questions to ask yourself, include:

  • Has there been a loss or addition to your household involving a family member or another pet?
  • Does your cat get enough exercise and stimulation throughout the day?
  • Have there been any unusually loud noises in your home that could have caused your cat to have anxiety?
  • Has kitty been eating like normal or does she seem to be picking at her food?
  • Have you and your cat moved recently?
  • Has your cat been obsessively grooming and licking themselves to the point of hair loss?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your cat could be severely stressed out and you should contact your veterinarian right away. At Parasol Pets, we’re passionate about creating comfortable and stylish pet beds that your cat can enjoy for years to come. Our Luxury Pet Bed was specially designed with kitty comfort in mind, created from a fuchsia luxury cushion of suede cloth and foam. Whether you place our Luxury Pet Bed near the bay window or next to your favorite spot on the couch, you cat will love the privacy and seclusion our pet bed has to offer.[/fusion_text]