Who Wants To Take Better Pet Pictures?

Who Wants To Take Better Pet Pictures of your pets for blogs, news items, or advertising? Try these tips.

Leading Lines:

Leading lines of photography composition are a great way for creating eye-catching photographs. They take your viewer on a journey through your photograph. After you become aware of them you will see them everywhere. Learn how so that you can include them in your photography to take better pet pictures.

Seeking Help:

I ask a professional photographer take the picture below of her Yorkie in my patented pet bed, Parasol Pets Umbrella Bed. At first, I was happy with the pictures but after reading about leading lines I re-visited the pics with “new eyes”.  That’s when I noticed how the gravel path coming down from the top of the picture leads your eyes to the subject of the picture.



This darling Yorkie’s is Leah. Her human mother, Sheryl Butler, is a personal friend of ours. She is a professional photographer and was kind enough to take this picture of their new Parasol Pets pet bed with Leah resting comfortably on the suede cloth and foam cushion. She feels secure under the Gerbera Daisy umbrella.

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Below is a picture I took before learning about leading lines. After becoming aware I noticed the white wooden frames of the screened porch pointing both down and across, as well as the lines on the oak table leading the eye toward Piper (our rescue cat) in her Umbrella Bed, by Parasol Pets®.


Her favorite thing is to “hide” under her umbrella while peeking out at children playing or people walking their dogs past our house. She is safe on our screened porch and feels safe as she is resting unseen by passersby.


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