Apartment Pets

Considering A New Pet

Thinking about bringing home a dog or cat and living in an apartment? Before you make that commitment, there are a few things to consider. 


If are thinking about getting and are or will be living in an apartment complex, you must consider the size of your new pet. Dogs in particular. Dogs need to be walked for exercise and potty breaks 1 or 2 times daily and in all weather. Finding an apartment with a dog park or “dog runs” is a big plus. Some apartments have dog baths and grooming areas.

Also, as you shop for an apartment, ask what the deposit, and rent costs are. What will be refunded and what will not.  There may be restrictions for pets size to ask about before signing an agreement.

You will want a clean, durable pet bed. When you are away at work, or out with friends, your pet needs a safe secure pace to nap. Cats and small dogs love napping in The Boutique Quality-Parasol Pets, Pet Bed. The little pink pet bed with Floral Theme “brings the outdoors into your home”. It is also compatible with the goals of the Fear Free Movement supported by 48,000 Vets and Pet Professionals. It’s injection molded base is shaped with slanted sides to lean against, a washable foam cushion, and a flower umbrella topper gives a feeling of security and shelter. It works great in living rooms, bed rooms or porches.


A pet is much like a small child in that they are totally dependent on you for their well being and care. Between work and friends, decide if you have time to train and play with your pet. Responsibilities and your job, family and friends takes up much of your time.  Pets need your attention too. Can you accommodate that? A lot must be done besides potty training and exercise. There will be visits to the vet, and costs associated with “pet sitters” while you are away on business or vacation. Be fair to your pet and yourself when it comes to dividing your time and attention.


If you are the a laid back person, and love to playing video games, or stay indoors, it really doesn’t make any sense for you to get an energetic Border Collie type pet. You can consider a pet that is just as laid back as you. The same holds true if you are into running, hiking and riding on trails,. You may be better off getting a real active dog instead of a cat.


When you get a dog or a cat they will be a big part of your life for many years. Owning a pet is a serious commitment. It is tough on both you and the pet. If you are not willing to invest the time and effort in training, nurturing, grooming, feeding, and exercising a furry companion you should pause.

Cost $

Pets aren’t inexpensive. You don’t need to set up a college fund, but you will need toys, food, vet bills, dog watchers while traveling out of town. And a clean, comfortable, secure place for your pet to play, rest, and live. Invest in a Parasol Pets, Umbrella Bed, or our luxury Cushion. Your pet will love it and you will too.   www.parasolpets.com