0c3a6aa Our Umbrella Pet Bed

I’m David Iiams the owner and inventor of the Umbrella Pet Bed, by Parasol Pets®. We partner with Wayside Waifs® a no kill animal shelter.

For every Umbrella Pet Bed™ purchased from our shopping cart https://parasolpets.com/shop/  we donate 1 Luxury Cushion-$30 value- in the purchaser’s name to the Adoption Center at Wayside Waifs. A certificate of recognition will be emailed to each purchaser.

The purpose of our bed is to provide cats and small dogs a place to rest, feeling securely sheltered under a flower umbrella, and cozy on our suede cloth and foam Luxury Cushion. The sturdy poly base has an insulating air chamber to protect from cold or warm surfaces.

“Elegantly designed with cleanliness in mind”, is our slogan. Making a high quality, long lasting product is our mission.

Cushion washing hints: use a lint roller to pick up loose hair and other particles, then wash on delicate cycle, in cold water. Dry on low heat cycle or air dry.

* Read about the rich history of Wayside Waifs visit: http://www.waysidewaifs.org/site/PageServer?pagename=History_new