The Parasol Pets™ Bed was designed in the United States, specifically for the comfort and den-loving nature of your cat and small dogs. It is easy to clean and offers “wow factor” appeal. Our luxury pet bed consists of four unique elements:

The Beautiful Luxury Cushion™ is custom-made of molded foam for maximum comfort. The velvety suede cloth creates a soft nest for your furry friend. Our luxury pet cushion provides a comfortable protective wall to lean against. An internationally-acclaimed women’s bra manufacturer developed our Luxury Cushion™ assuring it will maintain it’s shape and firmness throughout many washing machine cycles.

The Ornate Base: The Luxury Cushion™ fits neatly into a white, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene ♴) Pedestal Base, with a vignette of lifelike vines and leaves surrounding all four sides. It brings to mind a carved stone pedestal.

The Custom Parasol: Topping off this unique cat bed is a custom-made parasol. Its flower design is fashioned from a photo of a complete Gerbera daisy blossom. The parasol provides your pets with a sheltered canopy under which to hide. As den animals, cats and dogs are naturally attracted to such covered environments.

The Sturdy Steel Tubing: Strong steel tubing connects these artful components securely. To enhance the durability of the bed, the tubing is covered in a soft, forest green powder coat. The result is a fashionable, appealing haven for your treasured pet.