My cat and Maltipoo love our bed!! So much so that as soon as I started taking it out of the box my cat was laying on just the cushion. It’s easy to clean and When I was it it doesn’t get all matted down like other pet beds!


I love this adorable pet bed! It is made with such high quality materials and my cat loves it! The cushion is very easy to clean and it looks good inside the house or outside on the patio. I think it would be great for small dogs too.

Two Thumbs up: I would recommend Parasol Pets to my friends.

We received our Parasol Pet bed and it is just adorable! The bed arrived in a nice, sturdy box with each piece individually wrapped in plastic so as not to get any scratches on the enamel painted metal poles, or the plastic bed itself. The base of the bed is made out of a very sturdy plastic that has a pretty flower and vine pattern embossed along the sides. The inner pink liner/pillow bed is made out of very soft but dense foam that reminds me of a miniature rendition of memory foam on our human bed. It is covered with very soft, almost velvety cloth material that will hold up well against stains, etc. I’ve already cleaned it using just a damp cloth and the loose fur rolled right off. The umbrella pole ingeniously snaps to the bottom of the bed and stays put inside the molded indentions. Then it goes up vertically up the back. There is a choice between two pole segment lengths for the umbrella height. All the pole pieces can easily be completely removed from the plastic bed. They easily snap in and out of the molded plastic. They can then be stored away when the umbrella is not being used. We chose the taller pole. It offered the kitties more than adequate clearance when they are lying/sitting in the bed. I am very impressed by the quality of the umbrella with the pretty flower print material that covers it. When you look at it, it almost looks 3D at times. There is a little plastic yellow butterfly that attaches via a yellow cord running through the center and out the top of the umbrella. Pull on the rope outside with the butterfly to open the umbrella, or pull down on the rope from the inside to close it.

I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of workmanship and design that was put into this bed. I had no idea from the picture that it would be this nice. Also, I was concerned with the description (weight of up to 8 pounds) that our kitties who weigh from 11 to 13 pounds, might not be able to fit in the bed comfortably. Thankfully, they all fit very nicely and the two Ragdolls whose weights are 11 and 12 pounds even have additional room to really recline. The Maine Coon is a little snugger fitting, but she still is very comfortable. Guess that is because most cats love having something around them kinda of hugging them like the description of the bed states. One thing that could be another option for someone who has a larger cat than mine is that you can easily remove the molded pink liner which provides a lot more space. Then you could use a less dense pillow or even a folded blanket depending on the size of your kitty and their preferences. Some cats prefer a very hard surface while others like plush, fluffy cushions. Think using an alternate cushion option would accommodate a lot larger cat.
One last thing that is always a very important factor to me is portability. Although I’m not able to lift much more than a gallon of milk, I was able to easily lift this bed and transport it to another place without any back strain because it is very light. We are currently using it in our family room and bedroom, but also want to take it outside on the back porch so they can sit in comfort while enjoying the fresh air. Not only will the bed provide them a lot of comfort, now they will have their own little shade from the harsh sun rays! Love that!!!!! The cuteness factor is over the top too! Because it is lightweight and the umbrella is completely detachable, am sure this bed will get many years of constant use in a variety of locations. Will probably have to get each one their very own as well! The Parasol Pet bed is a very versatile, well-made piece that will keep our kitties comfortable and fashionably shaded for many years to come. Thanks Parasol Pet Beds!!!”’ (This bed was a gift but in no way influenced my honest opinion of this product.)

UPDATE: After having the Parasol Pet Bed for several weeks, wanted to give a little update. It has really become a favorite that all of my kitties are loving. Now since we are having lots of nice weather, it is great to be able to take it outside so they can get some fresh air. It is light but also supportive and comfortable with the memory foam they enjoy. The umbrella really came in handy when we wanted to get outside but the sun was still hot. We just raised the umbrella and it kept them nice and shaded. That’s really good because on our deck, sometimes, there’s no shade but we want to be outside. Highly recommend the bed. It will be a favorite here for many years to come

Lovely Bed: A cat writers opinion: A cat writer who penned a piece about this bed said, ” The Parasol Pets Umbrella Bed says: ‘I want to spoil my pet’.” I ask if I could quote her and she obliged. Signed, David Iiams, Owner