Keep Your Cat Happy This Winter


As the weather turns colder, you and your cat’s instinct to curl up in front of a fireplace can almost feel overpowering. Your feline friend will likely share your desire to hunker down in a warm place, and the Parasol Pets Bed™ can help them do just that. While short periods of lounging are always welcome, you’ll want to find some creative ways to keep your cat happy through the winter months.

Give Them a Window

Indoor cats are often fascinated by the outdoors and that fascination does not fade during the winter. There are birds to watch, cars driving by, and people walking on the sidewalk. All of these things can distract them from boredom. Give your cat access to a window, whether this is in front of your sliding glass door or atop a chair placed beneath the window sill. While your cat may be sitting still, their mind will still be absorbing everything going on beyond the window. Remember, mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise.

Don’t Fuss if They’re on the Heater Vent

Cats love to pass the day in a warm space. Often, this leads them to laying on top of the heater vent. While this keeps them warm, it might keep your room from reaching your ideal temperature. Rather than fussing at your cat, give them a warm place of their own. Find a sock that’s missing its mate and fill it with about a cup of rice. Tie off the end of the sock and place it in the microwave for 40 seconds or until it’s warm, but not hot. Then, place the sock in your cat’s luxury cat bed. This reusable heating pack will keep your cat warm and off the floor vents all winter long.

Play with Them

Even if your cat is less active in the winter, they still need plenty of exercise throughout the day. Consider investing in a string toy to engage your cat’s hunting instinct. Simply dangling the toy overhead will engage their minds and exercise their muscles. As they bat at the string toy, they’ll use several muscle groups. For cats that enjoy chasing things, invest in a wind-up mouse. These toys run across the floor and encourage your cat to chase after them. A simple laser pointer can also be a great way to get your cat up and moving. Just be sure to point the laser at the floor rather than the walls as excited cats can damage the paint with their claws.

Teach Your Cat Tricks

While you may not think cats are willing to work for their food, you’ll be surprised to know that many cats learn tricks just as quickly as dogs. You just have to be a bit more persistent. Use their favorite treats to hold their attention. When teaching them to sit, begin by raising your hand and the treat over their head. With the other hand, gently push down on their rear end. As soon as your cat sits, praise them and give them the treat. Follow the steps until your cat is willing to sit on command. For more cat training tips, check out this article from PetFinder.
Winter doesn’t have to be a dull season for your feline friend. Keep them safe and cozy with the best luxury cat beds from Parasol Pets. For more information on our beds, feel free to contact us. We love hearing from you!