Your Small Dog Deserves the Best Pet Bed

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Living in a small apartment has many challenges, but the one we hear about the most is the feeling that your dog doesn’t have a place of his own in the space. While you may think it’s fine to let your pup curl up on your chair or sleep alongside you in bed, your dog…read more

Give Your Pet a Bed of Their Own!

Unfortunately, many pet owners see pet beds as nothing more than an unnecessary luxury; after all, they’re animals. They can sleep anywhere, right? While your cat may appear to enjoy sleeping on that sunny patch of carpet, and your small dog may love curling up at the foot of your bed at night, your pet…read more

The Right Cat Bed Can Help Your Allergies

Animal lovers across the country struggle with pet allergies. While this can interfere with the pets you choose to welcome into your home, Parasol Pets wants to help you continue to enjoy your feline friend’s companionship. While you can’t eliminate allergens from your home entirely, there are a few things you can do to minimize…read more

Introducing Your Cat to Their New Bed

When you order your cat’s new bed from Parasol Pets, you know you’ve gotten them one of the best luxury pet beds available. Once you unpack the bed, you’ll probably expect your feline companion to leap right in and start napping away happily. This may not be your cat’s first reaction. Here are a few…read more

You Don’t Need to Set Up a $100,000 College Fund for Your Dog, But You Should at Least Afford Dog Food and a Luxury Dog Bed

Thinking about bringing home a dog? Before you make that huge commitment, there are a few requirements you should meet. Time Between work, friends and a new girlfriend, you need to decide if you have time to train and socialize with your dog. As much attention as your girlfriend needs, your dog will demand even…read more

Owning the Best in Luxury Dog Beds

As a dog lover, you do everything you can to ensure a happy and healthy life for your dog. this means owning the best in luxury dog beds. By enriching your dog’s life, you enrich your own life. But there are certainly other benefits of owning a dog that you have probably never considered. Here…read more