Q. How do I get my cat or dog to use it use the new bed?

A. Cats and Dogs have an extraordinarily sense of smell, so in preparation for using the new bed, it is advisable to make it smell right. When anything new arrives from a shop it smells of a combination of the materials used, the factory, the shop, and any number of other smells it may have picked up along the way.
By simply using an item of worn clothing as a cover or lining, the bed will smell of you, rather than the shop. You might also want to put a few used cat toys in there too, as cats have scent glands in their mouths, so anything he has chewed will smell of him.
Leave it like this for at least 24 hours, and you may find the cat figures it out all by himself.
* Source: The Purr Company   This article is modified from an original publication.

Q. What is the best location for a new cat bed?

A. Somewhere out of the way is a good place to start, between two chairs, don't choose the middle of a room, or a hallway where he may be in constant view or constant danger of a misguided foot coming too close for comfort.
Next, can he see better than he can be seen? Adjust the Parasol Pets Bed umbrella so the lower part of the umbrella partially covers his view from behind, but allows peeking out. The umbrella provides a sense of shelter and safety.
Being slightly elevated is also attractive to cats. Place your Parasol Pets Bed on a bench by a widow or on a window bench so they can look outside and yet feel protected from view under the decorative umbrella. They like rear gap in the umbrella to peek out at the room while the feeling of being unseen is calming.
Placing a new bed near heat from radiators (in the winter) or from sunshine (at any time of year) can also be very tempting for cats.

Q. What is the Type of Plastic is used for the Parasol Pets Bed?

A. The Parasol Pets Bed Pedestal Base is made of the same material used for outdoor furniture and plastic drinking glasses and bottles. It is safe, durable and recyclable.