Do Dogs Come Back As People? In 2009 I was teaching second grade in a large urban school district. I sent a 9 year old, towhead boy (I’ll call him Billy) to be tested for placement in Gifted and Talented Classes.  The teacher who was qualified to administer such a test had been a teacher…read more

Apartment Pets

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Considering A New Pet Thinking about bringing home a dog or cat and living in an apartment? Before you make that commitment, there are a few things to consider.  Housing If are thinking about getting and are or will be living in an apartment complex, you must consider the size of your new pet. Dogs…read more

Cats & Boxes

Upgrade Your Box to a Parasol Pets®, Umbrella Pet Bed There’s the obvious predation advantage (the preying of one animal on others)  a box affords: Cats are ambush predators, and boxes provide great hiding places to stalk prey from (and retreat to). But there’s clearly more going on here. Behavioral biologists and veterinarians have come…read more